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Master Ray Lightfoot 6th Dan


Message From Master Guy

COVID-19 update:

As you know we are back into the 3rd level of restrictions as from 2nd December 2020.

I have had a conversation with the Rushcliffe Council booking Officer who informed me that they do not know if

Gamston Hall will reopen next week. I was also told that all their customers have thus far decided to wait until January 1st

to restart their activity.

As well as the recommendations I received from our “Covid advisory team” and my own views we have decided that it is

far too unsafe to restart training in December. The infection rate is still too high and we cannot take a risk.

The other considerations are that we would have a break for Xmas + New Year anyway! and more seriously

that we do not want any of our members toget this virus and for some, or even several of us, to have to spend Xmas in total isolation

or at worse be very poorly.

CAT will remain CLOSED until after January 1st 2021.

I shall contact all of you again on/after the above mentioned date with hopefully better news regarding training and seeing each other again.

Fingers crossed


In the mean time please be safe and let us look forward to a happier shorter time at Xmas.

All the very best to you all.


Norma, Guy, Natalie and Sophie.


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